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An Open Letter to the OEMs

By Michael Entner-Gómez | Digital Transformation Officer | Entner Consulting Group, LLC.

Dear Automotive Industry,

With deep affection and unwavering dedication, I write to you about the transformative journey you are undertaking. As a pivotal force in technological evolution, your path is laden with both unprecedented opportunities and formidable challenges.

Embracing Electric Vehicles with Infrastructure and Economy in Mind — your stride towards electric vehicles (EVs) is commendable. However, it's crucial to simultaneously address the gaps in infrastructure and the complexities of the economy. Investing in EV technology is just a part of the equation; equally important is shaping a robust support system for this transition.

Confronting Autonomous Vehicle Setbacks — the dream of autonomous driving has faltered, weighed down by human error and safety oversights. This setback calls for a reinvention of your safety testing and development approaches. Each step forward should be a stride towards restoring public trust and ensuring safety.

Transparency in Sustainable Transition — as you shift towards sustainability, honesty must be your guiding principle. The transition encompasses more than just rolling out new vehicles; it involves extending the lifespan of existing ones, making them repairable, upgradable, and more durable. Openly address the human and financial costs involved in this shift.

Moving Beyond Caution — historically, your cautious nature has been a strength. However, in an era where innovation is paramount, boldness is key. The future leaders of this industry will be those who dare to innovate and take calculated risks.

Rising Challenge from Tech Giants — the entry of tech companies into automotive technology is a clear signal. Their relentless drive for innovation poses a direct challenge to traditional players. Matching their pace is essential to avoid being overshadowed or left behind.

Prioritizing Cybersecurity — in an increasingly connected world, cybersecurity is as crucial as mechanical integrity. A proactive approach to safeguarding both data and vehicle functionality is non-negotiable.

The Necessity of Vertical Supply Chains — the successes of Tesla and BYD highlight the importance of vertical integration in supply chains. In today's competitive environment, control and efficiency in both hardware and software production are essential.

Upholding Quality Standards — the declining quality in electrical systems is a pressing concern. As you venture into EVs and Software-Defined Vehicles (SDVs), reliability and consumer trust should be at the forefront. Quality must remain your top priority.

Balancing Costs and Affordability — the rising costs in development, labor, and materials cannot be continually offloaded onto consumers. Striking a balance between maintaining quality and ensuring affordability is imperative.

Simplification in SDV Design — in your pursuit of innovation within SDVs, simplicity should not be overlooked. Avoid the temptation to overload vehicles with complex features. Instead, focus on adding value through thoughtful, functional enhancements.

Embracing Open-Source Software — open-source software is a realm of immense potential. Use proprietary technology strategically, focusing on areas that truly differentiate and add value.

My love and respect for this industry stem from a deep-seated desire to see you succeed and flourish. These words, though candid, are expressed with the utmost sincerity and hope for a prosperous future.

With heartfelt regard,

Michael Entner-Gómez

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