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Top 20 Tough Questions for Automotive Professionals: A Basis for Thoughtful Discussion at CES2024

By Michael Entner-Gómez | Digital Transformation Officer | Entner Consulting Group, LLC.

As I gear up for CES this year and anticipate engaging discussions with automotive executives, I've compiled a list of 20 pivotal questions drawn from my LinkedIn posts over the past year. I believe these questions will serve as excellent icebreakers and lay the groundwork for meaningful dialogue within the industry.

  1. Environmental Impact of EV Manufacturing: How is your company addressing the environmental concerns associated with the production and disposal of EV batteries, particularly in terms of sustainable practices and minimizing ecological footprint?

  2. Autonomous Vehicle Safety: In light of the complexities surrounding autonomous vehicles, what specific measures is your company implementing to guarantee the safety and reliability of these vehicles in real-world conditions?

  3. Data Protection in Connected Vehicles: As connected vehicles become more prevalent, what strategies and technologies is your company employing to ensure the security of user data and protect the vehicles from cyber threats?

  4. Transparency in Material Sourcing: Can your company provide detailed information about the sourcing of materials, especially rare earth elements, and how you ensure ethical and sustainable practices in this process?

  5. Workforce Transition Amidst Technological Advances: With the advent of new technologies displacing traditional automotive roles, what initiatives is your company undertaking to facilitate the transition and retraining of your workforce?

  6. Competitiveness in the EV Market: In an increasingly crowded EV market, what innovative strategies and approaches is your company adopting to maintain a competitive edge and stand out from the multitude of players?

  7. Handling Software Obsolescence: How does your company plan to address the challenges of software obsolescence and the necessity for ongoing updates, ensuring vehicle safety and preventing functionality issues?

  8. EV Charging Infrastructure Development: What role does your company play in the evolution of EV charging infrastructure, and what efforts are being made to improve accessibility and efficiency?

  9. Integration of Connected Vehicles in Intelligent Transportation Systems: How does your company envision the incorporation of connected vehicles into existing and future Intelligent Transportation Systems, enhancing overall traffic management and efficiency?

  10. Preventing Rapid Obsolescence of Vehicles: What measures is your company taking to ensure that the vehicles being sold today remain serviceable and relevant in the face of rapid technological advancements?

  11. Promoting Open Architectures in SDVs: What are the initiatives and policies your company is adopting to encourage open architectures in Software Defined Vehicles, fostering innovation and compatibility?

  12. Role of CI/CD in Automotive Software Evolution: Beyond development, how do you see Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) practices shaping the future of automotive software architecture?

  13. Open and Extensible Systems for Customer Flexibility: What steps is your company taking to develop open and extensible systems that minimize customer lock-in and promote interoperability among different platforms and devices?

  14. Diversity in Automotive Technology Development: How is your company actively incorporating diverse perspectives and backgrounds in the development process of your automotive technologies to ensure inclusivity and broad applicability?

  15. Leveraging Partnerships for Innovation: How is your company utilizing partnerships with technology firms and entities outside the automotive sector to drive innovation and bring novel solutions to the market?

  16. User Feedback in SDV Design: In what ways does your company integrate user feedback and findings from usability studies into the design and functionality of your software-defined vehicles?

  17. Monetization and Financial Sustainability: How does your company plan to monetize its automotive products or services effectively to reduce cash burn and achieve financial stability in the short term?

  18. Preparation for Emerging Technologies: What preparations and strategies is your company implementing to integrate emerging technologies like 5G, AI, and IoT into the automotive architecture effectively?

  19. Involvement in Open-Source Automotive Software: Could your company provide insights into its engagement with open-source projects or communities related to automotive software, highlighting contributions and collaborations?

  20. Future of AUTOSAR: Is AUTOSAR still relevant in the current automotive software landscape, or is it being phased out in favor of newer frameworks and standards? (my most controversial post of the year with over 100,000 impressions! 😄)

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